The art of measuring publishing and tech to tell a story.

What is Publimetry?

What is Publimetry? It’s a made-up word that means “to publish and then measure the impact of a story.” The word itself is a combination of the word publish and the element -metry. To publish is to make known or to reveal (to tell a story) and the element of -metry is the process of measuring or to measure. Every story has an impact, and part of the joy of publishing and marketing is measuring that impact.

Whether in print or digital spheres, I believe in helping people and companies tell that story. The goal of this site is to help people tell those stories either through books, magazines, photos, ebooks, marketing campaigns, websites, or an app. As a bonus, I also believe in tracking analytics for sales and products and providing authors and companies with the knowledge needed to measure the success of their storytelling. From SEO optimization to social media management, I’ve got you covered.

What about me? I love challenges, and I’m obsessed with making things work. I’ve been in the business of finding ways to solve publishing and technical problems since I wrote my first article in high school on the Macintosh desktops of the early 1990s. I’ve also been working in some form of digital medium since 1996 when I first hard-coded websites using HTML for fun. I’ve spent years since then trying to discover and master every new kind of Web platform that exists. From GeoCities to WordPress and from AOL chats to Snapchat, my goal is never to stop learning or teaching others in return.

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