Is your smartphone photo high resolution enough for printing? Probably. Here’s how to find out.

Taking photographs while on the road is a great way to hold on to visual proof of a great vacation or an interesting find. Photos also help you capture the colors, life, and atmosphere of your latest adventure. Having the right camera for documenting equipment and activities is important. Today’s smartphone cameras have improved enough so that they are a good alternative for taking high-resolution images for including in a book, magazine article, or online blog. The eight to twelve megapixels in most smartphones are more than enough for capturing photographs that are the optimum resolution for print and digital publications.

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Best Free Software Alternatives for Content Creators in 2018

In the publishing world, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are hugely popular for layout and production while Microsoft Word is the premier choice for writers. However, these software (especially the Adobe Creative Suite) can be prohibitively expensive for content developers on a tight budget.

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