Basic Glossary of Book Design and Layout Terms

Whether you are designing your own book in Adobe InDesign or hiring someone else to do so, understanding book design and layout terms can be important. InDesign, for example, will ask you what you want to set your trim or margin size when you start a new design. Then, if you want to find your own printer, you’ll need to understand what they mean when they ask for your trim; if you want bleeds; and, if all the images are CMYK, grayscale, or if you want to use spot color.

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Best Free Software Alternatives for Content Creators in 2018

In the publishing world, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are hugely popular for layout and production while Microsoft Word is the premier choice for writers. However, these software (especially the Adobe Creative Suite) can be prohibitively expensive for content developers on a tight budget.

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